Starting at a young age DJ Queen CZR has always loved music! Raised in Cleveland, OH, DJ Queen CZR learned how to play the drums at a young age which coincided with her love for syncopated beats and rhythms. This created and birthed the passion that DJ Queen CZR has for music and all sounds. With dancing and playing the drums already engraved in DJ Queen CZR’s life, DJ Queen CZR wondered what more could she do with music. Her curiosity led her to the art of DJing. DJ Queen CZR is always ready to learn something new, loves a new challenge and is eager to try new things. With a diverse music background, DJ Queen CZR is able to rock any crowd no matter the age or music preference. With great practice and learning from her many DJ mentors and DJ role models, DJ Queen CZR plans to travel the world, share her love of music with everyone who loves it too, and of course represent for the FEMALE DJ’S EVERYWHERE!!